Design Resources, LLC is a company that came into existence when a sole proprietor's business began to grow.  Formed in 2006, Design Resources, LLC carries decades of Research & Design expertise.  We are a small design contract company of seasoned professionals with a broad range of experience helping other companies to get their products to the market.  We are able to hit the ground running due to our experience and we are flexible to ensure we meet your engineering design needs.  Design Resources, LLC specializes in working with small, start-up companies - we like to see them flourish and know we had a part in their success.
Often, it's difficult for start-up companies to get their products in the market because resources are short or uncertain as frequently they are working with money from grants or from investors.  When financial resources are scarce, it's tough for small companies to pay so much overhead to huge engineering design firms.  Being a small engineering design firm, Design Resources, LLC has much lower overhead.  This means most of your money goes towards engineering design efforts instead of overhead expenses.  For more information regarding the services we offer, go to Services.
Design Resources, LLC appreciates your consideration. If you would like to discuss how we could work together, you may contact Perry White, Managing Member.
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