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Perry K. White is Managing Member of Design Resources, LLC.  He graduated from Purdue University with an M.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1979.  He spent the majority of his professional career working for Bell Laboratories, which became AT&T Consumer Products, then Lucent Technologies and finally Avaya, Inc.  Given an incentive, he took advantage of an early partial retirement package from Avaya in 2001.
Too young to fully retire, he began working as a independent consultant.  He landed his first contract in August 2001.  Perry's client list quickly grew through recommendations.  Because of his reputation, work tends to find him instead of him searching out clients.  He has a broad range of experience and people find him very easy to work with.  From design work to product management skills, he is very familiar of how to get a product from concept to reality.  He prides himself on meeting the needs of the client.  His flexibility and attention to planning is something that clients find refreshing.